Poland Students


Hello 🙂

We are Polish students and teachers from Liceum Plastyczne in Nowy Wiśnicz doing ERASMUS+ AnimPolFin Project with Finnish students and teachers from Lybecker Institute in Raahe.

The project is titled: Animation and ICT as a new quality of enhancing the pedagogy of cultural heritage of Poland and Finland.

Our goal is to make two animation films presenting one Polish and one Finnish legend.

We are going to use a lot of ICT tools to meet each other and get to know better, communicate easily, share ideas, prepare our works and visits in our schools.

We are planning to have two students exchange visits in 2018, in Nowy Wiśnicz in the spring and in Raahe in the autumn.

We will also meet students of primary schools in Nowy Wiśnicz and Raahe to share the idea of animation and help them prepare their own animations on their local legends.

We are looking forward to our project activities. We can’t wait to meet our Finnish friends.

Follow our website and our AnimPolFin blog to get to know more about our animation adventure…. 🙂