Finland Poland

ANIMPOLFIN Project – A Great Experience

Taking part in Erasmus+ project was a great experience for all participants.

The participants of the project formed two groups, consisting of eight students and two teachers (each group consists of 4 Polish and 4 Finnish pupils as well as a teacher from Poland and a teacher from Finland). In such mixed groups, they worked on selected legends. Thanks to this, they could learn more about the culture and history of Poland and Finland.

There were two, 14 days long mobilities in the projects. During this visits, the project participants worked on materials and animation preparations.

In Nowy Wiśnicz, they prepared storyboards, backgrounds, puppets  and props. In Raahe, they took pictures for animation, prepared narrations and sound, completed editing and montage.

There were also workshops with animation experts during the mobilities. The animation experts shared their professional knowledge and gave many valuable tips for working on the animation. This cooperation was an important artistic and educational experience for the participants, it gave the opportunity to learn about the educational dimension of animation, but also introduced into the enterprise of animation and showed how the animation market works.

The inspiring meeting of project participants with younger students during primary school workshops was an interesting experience for everyone. Cooperation and conversation with foreigners in English, sharing their artistic interests, knowledge and learning about the cultural heritage of another country was a unique and motivating experience.

The participants cooperation was based on the use of various information and communication technology (ICT) tools, so participation in the project was an excellent lesson for acquiring digital skills, learning and implementing modern communication tools. Project participants also improved their language competences. The language of the project was English. Pupils spoke English in everyday situations and during project work, using sophisticated vocabulary related to animation.

During international visits, project participants visited local institutions and went sightseeing tourist attractions of the regions. The guests from Finland received the visit from the Mayor of Nowy Wiśnicz. The Finns also got to know the history of the Lubomirski Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz and the Penitentiary. On a daily basis, they visited the town, admiring its picturesque landscapes in the beautiful spring scenery. At the weekend free from project classes, students and teachers from Raahe visited KL Auschwitz and visited Krakow.

Polish participants during the autumn trip visited the most popular attractions of the northern Finland – Lapland. They travelled about 600 kilometres, admiring the beauty of Finnish nature in the autumn. On the way they were greeted by reindeers nibbling grass. They visited the Ranua Zoo – the northernmost zoological garden in Europe, where Arctic animals such as the polar bear live. Then they paid a visit to Saint Nicholas at his official hometown. The village of Saint Nicholas is located in the city of Rovaniemi, where the Arctic Circle line runs.

Participation in the Erasmus+ project was a passionate experience, extensively developing both in the fields of art, animation, modern technologies, foreign languages as well as tradition and cultural heritage. It was also a source of exchanges of many good educational practices motivating to further work and study. Meeting and working together on the project with young people from other countries develops self-esteem, openness and tolerance towards other cultures. The results of the project in the form of animation short films bring closer the culture of both countries, teach and inspire.