Finland Poland Puppets Students

Raahe – Day 9

25th October, 2018

We woke up to a stunning view – the snow was falling!  On the way to school, we admired the white, pure blanket and its sparkling reflections in Raahe’s buildings.

Group Better,  who had already finished their shooting, were cleaning, collecting files and arranging them.

Group One got to continue work almost immediately, as everything had already been organised the day before. With two animation sets and a good share of duties, the progress was quick.

For lunch we ate the rest of the food from the day before, and then ordered some pizza 🙂

Last scene, the death of the King, was animated by Ms Kate with Pekka’s assistance, as we considered it to be a great honour to have them involved in shooting that specific scene.

The last scene we shot was definitely the most exciting to work on. Some group members,  two photographers, Pekka and Ms Kate gathered to take part in the performance. In this scene, the King’s Beskid death is shown by crushing the ceramic puppet.

With this accent, Group One finished shooting.

Again we had a film evening This time we watched a film based on Shakespeare’s drama – “Much ado about nothing “