Finland Poland Students

Raahe – Day 8

24th October, 2018

In the morning, Group One was still struggling with getting the laptop and the program to work. While Group Better was shooting, group One did things that did not require use of the program.The narration was recorded. It was decided to use Marleena’s voice, as we assumed she had the best accent. Then, the sound editor, Teemu, has taken care of the recordings. We also cleaned the classroom a bit.

Today, we had lunch at vocational school in Raahe. It was a chance for us to try Finnish food in a different place.

Happily, Group One received another laptop with the program installed. The program was working 🙂 Finally, we could work freerly. Soon, the Group Better finished, so group One overtook their animation set and doubled their work speed. As the work progressed fast,  they decided to stay a bit longer in the afternoon in order to shoot just a few more scenes.