Finland Poland Students

Raahe – Day 7

23rd October, 2018

In Group Better things went rather smooth.  Although some scenes might need to be taken again later, the work progressed fast.

However, Group One had to face multiple challenges. The computer failed again in the morning and we needed to install our animation program called Dragon Frame on another device.  While the program was loading, we were playing video games with Omar, then Mika – one of the Finnish teachers entered the classroom and took pictures of us in this situation.

Today, we had a very international lunch. Everything started from Omar, who enjoys cooking very much,, suggested preparing something extraordinary and delicious.  We decided to join him and finally we ate traditional Finnish, Iraqi and Polish food.

Marleena brought lingonberry (some kind of mountain cranberry) pudding, rich in vitamin C, served with sugar and milk. Omar was preparing his specials for 14 hours! It was baklawa and a kind of Iraqi “gołąbki”, with meat as well as vegetarian.

Mr Nieć and Zuza spent the morning grating potatoes for potato pancakes, baking beetroots and roasting meat.

Project participants from Germany also joined us at the common table.

After the delicious meal, with help of all five teachers, we finally managed to fix the technical problems, and we were able to continue shooting.