Finland Poland Students

Raahe – Day 10

26th October, 2018

Our last day in Raahe.

It was the time of packing, cleaning, summarising and hugging for goodbye.  

We have had a really wonderful time there, spent with wonderful friends 🙂

In the morning,  we helped with dish washing,  cleaning the classroom and also collecting Lybecker’s bed sheets and towels from our apartments.  We filled the survey prepared by Marleena, asking for participants opinion about the project. Later, the answers will be used in an article promoting the project.

Then, we watched the animation made by German students., who were preparing their animation next to us.  It was great, so they received a huge applause. We promised to show them ours, as soon as it is edited. We received some souvenirs – buttons with beautiful designs printed by Lybecker students.

Eventually, it was time to say goodbye. It was a very emotional moment. We lacked words to express our feelings,  so we just hugged. Well, mostly. Those, who wanted. Hopefully, we will keep some valuable connections with Finland…