Finland Poland Students

Project presentation for Wiśnicki Plastyk students

29th January, 2019

That evening, the project presentation was held. Students living at the boarding school gathered at the dining hall to watch photos and listen to memories from the project time.

A slide show had been prepared to give viewers a brief impression of the whole process, from the beginning, till the end. Well, almost, because the premiere of the animations themselves was planned to take place in spring. Most of our project activities were described, either by the teachers or the students, who took part in certain tasks. Of course, the fun part was also there. For example, documentation of our excursion to Lapland, places we ate at, free time activities or beautiful views of Raahe. Some of the pictures taken by our group photographers turned out to be hilarious.  Also, present students were encouraged to take advantage of such projects in the future…

It seems the project has brought benefits not only for people who have taken part in it, but also the whole school’s community, as more of those are planned and some of the patterns observed during our stay in Finland were proposed to be adopted by our school.

Like setting card games table at every floor for students to play during breaks. Why not? That might be a perfect way to relax a little between classes, as the Finns do!