Poland Students


12th March, 2019

That day, we gathered at Mr Nieć’s house for promised Erasmus Project afterparty.

We were occupying his living room, where we enjoyed our time together. He greeted us with a delicious cake, which he baked himself and biscuits made by his children and wife. We watched our animations again and came to the conclusion that they do actually look better to our eyes than they did right after we had finished working on them. Perhaps we developed some emotional distance to our creation?

We were informed that there are still a few things connected with the project that need to be taken care of. But we will manage, as we have already managed to complete many tasks. Before the end of March, we need to meet up with the elementary school students to help them finish their animation. The second task is to edit  the making off films. Each and every one of us will also have to design a poster advertising their animation. From those, best two will be chosen (one for each legend) and compared to best two works of finnish students, to choose the very best ones.

In general, the meeting passed in a friendly atmosphere. Possibly, there will be another one in June – outdoors, by the fire.